Smarter Lighting: Integrating Sensors and Novel Control Methods for Advanced Lighting Systems


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Description: With the expanding adoption of Solid State Lighting, there is rapidly growing interest in moving Illumination into the age of the “Internet of Things”. While Smart Lighting systems now appearing on the market feature wireless controllability and modest sensor data for optimizing efficiency, the digital properties of LEDs offer a much richer suite of sensor capabilities that will ultimately lead to deployment of self-commissioning lighting systems that will fuse meshed networked sensors and spectrally adaptive lighting systems for a wide variety of benefits in energy efficiency, improved human health and well-being and worker productivity. This webinar will describe some of the research at the NSF funded Smart Lighting Engineering Research Center focused on defining the design and operation of future illumination systems.
The Smart Lighting ERC
The Smart Lighting Engineering Research Center is defining various evolutionary Smart Lighting paths by developing the transformative technologies and engineered systems required to simultaneously maximize human performance and minimize lighting energy consumption. This will be achieved with adaptive lighting systems that are smart enough to autonomously deliver illumination and new light-enabled services. This presentation will describe the technological frontiers of Smart Lighting and share how the center, with the input and support of our global network of academic and industrial partners, is advancing new illumination-system concepts through advanced research and by training the next generation of scientists and engineers.
Dr. Bob Karlicek, Professor and Director at Smart Lighting Engineering Research Center at Rensselaer
About the author:
Dr. Robert F. Karlicek, Jr. is currently the Director of the Smart Lighting Engineering Research Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, an NSF and industry funded program exploring advanced applications for next generation lighting. Prior to joining RPI, he spent over 30 years in industrial research and R&D management positions with corporations including AT&T Bell Labs, EMCORE, General Electric, Gore Photonics, Microsemi, Luminus Devices and SolidUV. His technical experience includes epitaxial growth of high performance LEDs and lasers, advanced device fabrication and high power LED packaging, thermal management, control systems design and applications in solid state lighting as well as other novel LED uses such as IR and UV LED applications. Dr. Karlicek is well known globally as an LED industry expert, and is a frequent presenter at conferences and workshops. He obtained his PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh and has over 40 published technical papers and 24 U.S. patents.
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