We believe the next generation lighting technology can offer much more than just saving energy. The proper use of dimming and CCT shifting, which is often called Kelvin changing or shifting, can improve circadian rhythms, mood, visual acuity and performance in addition to substantial energy savings and sustainability. Nature scene lensed SSL fixtures may also help improve moods.  This may be the biggest jump since the electric light bulb, and we are already seeing the very first generation of commercially available cost effective dimming and Kelvin changing SSL products.

The concept of biophilia can be integrated into designing our lighting systems by encouraging lighting designers, architects engineers, contractors, ESCOs, utility and rebate organizations and end-customers to think outside of the box.  But this transformation will need expert guidance to determine optimal light levels and CCT at different times of the day based on the task, optimize acceptance and reduce problems.

Members to this advisory committee will share the benefits the most recent updates from each of our field of expertise and certain members may be invited to participate in a R&D consulting project on a contract basis.  We are also planning to create opportunities for speaking engagements in various events on this subject.  Starting in 2013, we will begin holding annual summit in order to further strengthen our camaraderie and also to provide educational opportunities for all interested participants.


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