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Light Recording and Playback


About Project

Abstract: Historically, as a new technology overtakes an incumbent, it begins with simple replacement. The solid state lighting (SSL) industry is currently focused on replacement. Eventually unique characteristics of the new technology coalesce in remarkLiable ways not possible with the old technology. This talk will look as some characteristics of technology change in general and then focus on SSL. One of the basic values of SSL is that it allows extensive manipulation of the visible spectrum. This in turn facilitates high fidelity replication of illumination sources such as daylight, fire, and moonlight in terms of SPD and intensity over time. We call this content LumenScripts which are digital files made from spectrometer recordings and/or mathematical manipulations. The LumenScripts can then be played back on a luminaire so equipped as a light player analogous to the experience of listening to music or watching a movie.
About Telelumen:
The Company was founded to develop products as services for the coming light recording industry. Current products include Light Replicator, developer software, and LumenScripts.
Steve Paolini, Telelumen
About the author:
Steve Paolini joined Hewlett Packard Optoelectronics Division in 1981, holding a variety of engineering and management positions in California, Japan, and Malaysia. Later he joined Philips Lumileds and in 2007 founded Telelumen LLC, where he is currently the president. He was the CTO at Lunera Lighting, an SSL luminaire manufacturer based in Redwood City, CA, and is now the CTO of NEXT Lighting, based in San Francisco. He speaks frequently at conferences and workshops on a variety of topics relating to solid state lighting and holds seven issued patents.
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