HCL Webinar June '14
Presented by Dr. Doug Steel
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There’s More to Light than Meets the Eye

The development of new spectrally-tuned or tunable LED light sources is occurring at a rapid pace. Likewise, our scientific understanding of the ipRGC (melanopsin) non-visual pathway is also increasing rapidly. But once light penetrates the eye and reaches these receptors, this is just the first step in a cascade of effects that cause changes in the human body. The focus of this talk will be on some of the fundamental principles of how these signals are transmitted through the brain, and how they result in changes in behavior or health. I will also discuss how those of us involved with Human Centric Lighting can assess the effects of light on real people in real-world settings. Hopefully this will inspire us to document measurable and beneficial effects of the lights we install, ratherjumping castle than just relying on the claims of product labels.
Doug Steel is the Chief Scientific Officer at PhotoKinetics Inc.
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