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Human Centric Lighting

By Stan Walerczyk, CLEP, LC, Principal, Lighting Wizards ‘Human Centric Lighting’, was written, because it no longer sufficient to provide just the right amount of photopic footcandles with low glare and proper contrast ratios. There are already cost effective lighting systems, which can not only dim, but also CTT or Kelvin change for improved circadian rhythms, mood – preference, visual acuity, performance and energy savings – sustainability. Also, since so many lighting professionals often do not like anything over 3500K electric lights, even though many of them recommend daylight, which is much higher, we wanted to show the various benefits of 5000 – 17,000K electric lighting for major portions of the day. Architectural SSL Magazine only listed Stan Walerczyk as author, but both Brian Liebel’s and Rod Heller’s contributions were very important.
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